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5 Great Reasons to Try Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy was one of the first methods used to alleviate pain, according to the National Center for Complementary Medicine and Integrative Health. Though practiced by many cultures throughout human history, many people still view massage therapy as more of a treat to help you relax and unwind. 

But therapeutic massage offers many health benefits and should be included in your overall wellness plan. At Back to Life Integrated Medicine in Lakewood, California, our integrative medicine and chiropractic team uses therapeutic massage to support healing, reduce pain, and alleviate stress. 

We want to share some of the great reasons why therapeutic massage should be included in your wellness plan. 

1. Natural pain relief

At Back to Life Integrated Medicine, we’re always looking for drug-free treatments to help you get relief from your pain, including chiropractic care and regenerative medicine

Massage therapy is a natural, drug-free pain treatment. According to Harvard Health Publishing, therapeutic massage relieves pain by helping your tense muscles, tendons, and ligaments relax. 

The hands-on therapy may also stimulate various nerve fibers that alter the pain signals sent to your brain.  

2. Accelerate healing

If you’re recovering from a sports or auto injury, healing takes time. Like many people, you may feel frustrated when healing takes longer than expected.

Therapeutic massage may help accelerate your body’s natural healing process so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy faster. Through manipulation of your soft tissue, therapeutic massage improves blood circulation to the injured tissue, which improves the delivery of the oxygen and nutrients needed to repair the damage.

Therapeutic massage may also loosen and relax your tight muscles to improve flexibility and your response to other healing therapies such as physical therapy. 

3. Improve flexibility

Tense muscles, whether from stress or injury, affects your body’s flexibility. Inflexible muscles affect body movement and balance and increase your risk of injury. Your tight, inflexible muscles may also serve as a source of chronic pain. 

During therapeutic massage, our massage therapist manipulates and stretches your tight muscles to improve flexibility.

4. Treatment for various health conditions

Therapeutic massage may help those struggling with chronic health conditions. You may want to add massage therapy to your treatment plan if you experience:

For athletes, therapeutic massage may accelerate recovery after a strenuous workout or game. 

5. Alleviate stress

And, of course, therapeutic massage alleviates stress. In addition to helping you feel more relaxed, therapeutic massage also lowers your heart rate, insulin levels, and cortisol levels. 

Cortisol is your body’s primary stress hormone and alters your body’s chemistry and functions to help you survive a “fight or flight” situation. 

Unfortunately, chronic stress exposes your body to excessive amounts of cortisol, which affects many body systems and may increase your risk of developing chronic health issues such as anxiety, heart disease, or sleep problems. 

For pain, healing, and stress relief, therapeutic massage offers many benefits. 

To schedule your massage therapy with our experienced massage therapists, contact us by phone or online today.

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