Integrative Pain Management Questions and Answers

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Integrative Pain Management Near Me in Lakewood, CA
Integrative Pain Management Near Me in Lakewood, CA

Pain is a generalized term that refers to any tenderness, soreness or discomfort and can affect any area of the body. Managing pain can be difficult, especially when it results from a chronic condition. More people are looking for more sustainable ways to manage pain and do not want to rely on prescription pain medications or surgery for relief. That is only one reason why integrative medicine has massively increased in popularity over the past few years, as it provides patients with a complete picture of health and focuses on addressing the underlying cause of pain, rather than just temporary relieving symptoms.

What is integrated pain management?

Integrated pain management, also referred to as integrative pain management, is a treatment approach that uses many types of complementary and alternative medicine to address and resolve pain. They use a variety of treatments and therapies, such as regenerative medicine, alternative medicine and functional medicine to best manage levels of pain.

What does integrative medicine mean?

Integrative medicine combines both conventional and complementary approaches to best address patient needs. It emphasizes a holistic, patient-focused approach to healthcare and wellness and treats the whole person rather than just their symptoms. The use of integrative approaches to health and wellness has massively increased in popularity over the past few years due to its incredible results.

What is an example of integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine uses a combination of alternative and traditional medicine to provide a complete picture of health for patients. Common therapies used in integrative medicine include:

What is the difference between integrative and functional medicine?

An integrative medicine clinic has many facets. They may use therapies such as regenerative medicine, chiropractic massage, physical therapy, and nutritional coaching. They integrate treatments for patients using many modalities. For example, if someone has constant severe headaches, they might get a chiropractic adjustment, nutritional assessment and a food allergy test to see if diet was a trigger. Integrative medicine clinics take into account many different approaches to healing and combine them together into the best possible package for an individual patient. Oftentimes, integrative clinics “integrate” conventional medicine into their practice, so they’ll often have medical doctors on staff who can offer more conventional medical services.

Functional medicine is focused on determining the underlying cause of a patient’s health problems, and on lifestyle changes that can promote better health, such as diet, exercise, sleep and meditation. However, it is easy to confuse the two, as a large number of functional medicine clinics integrate other treatments and are therefore both functional medicine and integrative medicine clinics. While neither of these practices are inherently better than the other, one approach may work better for some patients than it does for others. It is important to actually visit one of these clinics in order to determine how well they can meet your needs.

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