Massage Therapist Questions and Answers

Are you in need of pain relief and relaxation? Get revitalized at Back to Life Integrated Medicine. We have an experienced massage therapist near you. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Lakewood CA, Long Beach CA, Los Alamitos CA, Rossmoor CA, Bellflower CA, Paramount CA, Cypress CA, and Carson CA.

Massage Therapist Near Me in Lakewood, CA
Massage Therapist Near Me in Lakewood, CA

Stress, tension, or chronic pain shouldn’t control your life. There are ways to manage these things, including holistic methods like massage therapy! We provide massage therapy here at Back to Life Integrated Medicine, and it could easily help to alleviate your pain, accelerate healing, and restore your quality of life. Reach out to us today if you believe as we do that you’d benefit from massage therapy in Lakewood, CA!

What is massage therapy?

With massage therapy, a series of manual manipulation techniques are performed, or certain devices are used, to apply pressure to muscles and joints in a patient’s body. This can alleviate muscle pain in the body and have a number of other significant benefits. Massage therapy is a perfectly natural way to restore health and can also be a great alternative to pain medication.

At Back to Life Integrated Medicine, the massage therapist you’ll see is able to combine massage therapy with chiropractic adjustments or other holistic treatments, if you like! A combination of complementary treatments can optimize results.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

There are lots of benefits of massage therapy. Benefits can vary from patient to patient, but generally, the benefits include:

  • Alleviated muscle and joint pain
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Relieved pinched nerves
  • Accelerated healing
  • Reduced stress, and possibly even reduced anxiety and depression

There are different kinds of massage therapy too, so one may be better suited to your needs than another and provide different benefits.

What different kinds of massages are offered at Back to Life Integrated Medicine?

Many different massage techniques are available here at Back to Life Integrated Medicine! When you come see us for an appointment/consultation, the provider you’ll see will help you decide which technique is best for you. The type and severity of your symptoms, as well as your own personal preferences, will be taken into consideration. Your provider may suggest:

  • Trigger point massage – To relieve tension associated with tight muscle fibers; the practitioner will place steady pressure on tight areas to provide relief
  • Sports massage – This focuses on a sports injury that causes you pain; the practitioner will tailor the message to you and your needs to promote and accelerate your healing
  • Swedish massage – This massage uses deep, circular movements, as well as vibration, tapping, kneading, and long strokes, to relieve pressure, improve circulation, and accelerate healing
  • Deep tissue massage – With this massage, stronger pressure is used to target deep muscle and connective tissue layers, as well as to enhance healing and alleviate pain associated with an injury
  • Myofascial release – The application of gentle, sustained pressure into the membranes that wrap, connect, and support your muscles, which can help reduce pain and restore motion
  • Cupping therapy – A deep-tissue massage and an ancient form of alternative medicine that uses cups placed on the skin where they can create suction; this can be done to relieve pain and inflammation, and improve blood flow and wellbeing

How often should I get a massage?

This depends on your pain, stress, and physical, mental, and emotional needs. Regular massages may provide the best benefits, like massages each week or every two weeks. We’ll help you come up with a personalized massage schedule when you come in for a consultation with us at Back to Life Integrated Medicine!

Do you offer massage therapy in Lakewood, CA?

Yes, we do! Back to Life Integrated Medicine offers massage therapy near you. We’re located at 4115 South St, Lakewood, CA 90712, United States. Our professionals include Michelle Litzinger DC, our board-certified chiropractor, and we also have our professional massage therapist and our physical therapist. Go ahead and book an appointment/consultation with us at 562-231-6046, or book with us online, if you like. We’re sure you’ll find massage therapy as rejuvenating as it sounds.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!