Physical Therapy Questions and Answers

To recover from or even prevent injury, you should get physical therapy. It can help with pain too. We provide physical therapy here at Back to Life Integrated Medicine, so connect with us for a physical therapist near you. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Lakewood CA, Long Beach CA, Los Alamitos CA, Rossmoor CA, Bellflower CA, Paramount CA, Cypress CA, and Carson CA.

Physical Therapy Near Me in Lakewood, CA
Physical Therapy Near Me in Lakewood, CA

So many patients with pain benefit a lot from seeing a physical therapist. This kind of professional can relieve pain but also rehabilitate injury and improve mobility, and in turn, improve a patient’s quality of life. You can see a quality physical therapist here at Back to Life Integrated Medicine. Connect with us today for a physical therapist in Lakewood, CA.

What does a physical therapist do?

This kind of medical professional practices physical therapy which is a proven method for relieving pain, rehabilitating injuries, improving mobility, helping a patient recover after surgery, and more. It’s true that physical therapy is proven to work in many cases, and it can also work on an ongoing basis for a patient with a chronic condition like arthritis. There are lots of potential applications for physical therapy!

Can physical therapy relieve pain? What types of injuries do physical therapists treat?

Commonly, physical therapy is performed to relieve a patient’s pain. It can do so in the short term or the long term and may even eliminate a patient’s pain altogether and prevent it from coming back. Pain relief is a common and major benefit of physical therapy, and you can almost certainly expect it.

Also, physical therapy is commonly done to improve functionality and mobility. For example, if a patient is experiencing balance impairment, physical therapy will likely help, as the stretching and strengthening exercises in physical therapy can improve joint stabilization and muscle strength. These things can actually be improved even if a patient isn’t experiencing any issues at all and wants to prevent an injury like stress fractures. Many injuries can be prevented, so many athletes get physical therapy, and it can be done for geriatric care too. Many kinds of injuries, like stress fractures, labrum tears, and others, can be treated with physical therapy!

On top of all that, physical therapy can help patients with chronic orthopedic conditions like arthritis. And because physical therapy can be very rehabilitative, it can also be done for knee rehab, post-surgical rehabilitation, and other kinds of rehab.

What techniques do physiotherapists use?

There are many different techniques a physical therapist can use. During your first appointment with us here at Back to Life Integrated Medicine, we’ll provide you with an assessment to help us determine the best technique for you. The technique we suggest may be:

  • Joint mobilization and manipulation – To get stiff or immobile joints moving better
  • Myofascial release – Treatment of the fascia that surrounds muscles to decrease pain and improve function
  • Shockwave therapy – Uses pulses of mechanical energy to treat conditions like plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and shoulder tendonitis
  • Heating or icing – To reduce discomfort, improve blood flow, reduce swelling and inflammation, and increase flexibility
  • Ultrasound therapy – To increase circulation and healing in muscles, joints, and ligaments
  • Dry needling – Acupuncture, for example
  • Therapeutic exercise – With professional support

Do you have a physical therapist in Lakewood, CA?

Yes, we do! At Back to Life Integrated Medicine, our physical therapist is Dr. Jayashriben Patel PT DPT. She is fully capable of providing any of the physical therapy techniques we’ve mentioned. If you believe you need her services, then reach out to us at our clinic.

We are located at 4115 South St, Lakewood, CA 90712, United States, and you can call us today at 562-231-6046 to book a consultation with the doctor. You can also book with us online, if you’d prefer that instead.

We look forward to hearing from and helping you soon here at Back to Life Integrated Medicine!