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Anthony Silva

Chiropractor located in Lakewood, CA

About Silva

Dr. Anthony Silva is a Long Beach native and long-serving health professional.  His career began in emergency medical care, where he served as a field training officer for EMTs and paramedics on critical care transport teams, instructed for the American Heart Association, and participated on disaster response teams for the American Red Cross, which included a one-month deployment to Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina.   

Anthony became a licensed respiratory therapistin 2012 and spent the next several years workingin trauma, intensive care and cardiopulmonary rehab.  The self-described, adrenaline junky loved the high-stress environment of the emergency department and the relationships he developed with patients throughout their rehab process.  Both experiences offered him first-hand perspective where his Western training worked, and where it could be improved. 

As a lifelong athlete in boxing, football and baseball, Dr. Silva suffered a myriad of injuries and the different specialists who treat them.  Somepracticed a Western philosophy of medicine—where science, research and drugs are at the center of care—and others who practiced within an Eastern philosophy of medicine—where each patient and his or her lifestyle considered holistically are at the center of care.Aspects of both models appealed to Dr. Silva, but what he believed best served patients fell somewhere between them.   What he sought was the best of both worlds.  For Dr. Silva, the best of both worlds proved to be Chiropractic. 

Dr. Silva received his chiropractic training at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and graduated with honors in 2019.  He participated in numerous clinical internships, community service and sports events and served three years as High Zeta for the Delta Tao Alpha, National Chiropractic Honors Society.  Areas of study which most interested Dr. Silvaduring his time as a student were biochemical nutrition, microbiomics, fasting, neurology, sleep, functional medicine and sports medicine.  As an intern, what he valued most was the opportunity to work with integrative health teams and highly diverse patient populations. 

Today, Dr. Silva enjoyspracticingholistic, patient-centered care.  He considers all aspects of a patient’s life—diet, activity, sleep, social, professional etc.—how each may or may not be contributing to overall wellness and how best to address them.  He’s passionate about listening to patients, using the best available evidence to attack symptoms at theircause and educating patients how to best positiontheirbody to heal itself.  Dr. Silva does not believe in recommending anything he hasn’t personally tried first, so he is happy to discuss his personal experiences with different techniques, diets, supplements and exercise programs.

Dr. Silva’s interests outside of the office include all things outdoors, anything that makes him laugh, time with friends and family,podcasts, exercise, playing with his puppy, mentoring young men and of course, Netflix.