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Samantha Silva

Massage Therapist & Rehab Counselor located in Lakewood, CA

About Silva

Samantha Silva was born to an Army dad in Boston, MA but spent much of her youth and high school years in Orlando, FL.  As a young adult, Sam was recruited by a private air transport company to be lead attendant for business groups, sports teams and other high-profile clientele.  There, Sam traveled the country and world for nearly a decade and developed quite a passion for both travel and aviation. 

On the ground, Sam spent a lot of time singing and dancing (which she still does, only now it’s reserved for the shower or cleaning house), hiking and camping or riding and wrenching on motorcycles.  She also prioritized health and exercise between flights but not every city afforded gym access, so Sam sought something she could bring anywhere, do anytime and that offered comparable fitness benefits.   This is when Sam fell in love with yoga, meditation and the human body.

After being a committed yoga student for a number of years, Sam wanted to share all the positivity yoga brought to her life and health, so she went back to school and became a certified instructor. She grew more and more fascinated with body movement, the breath and art of creating space. She learned in greater detail how to move muscles and joints, knew that it worked but couldn’t tell you for the life of her, how or why it worked.  She’d even come up with her own nicknames for muscles, like the “Donkey kickers,” because she had never taken an anatomy course.

When Sam finally settled in Southern California, she met her now husband, who shared a similar passion for the human body and its movements.  He helped motivate Sam to continue her education and assured her that studying massage therapy would answer all the questions that she’d ask him nonstop, all day and all night, every day and every night.  “What’s the muscle called that does this?” “Why do I feel stress on this joint when I stretch that muscle” etc. 

To date, Samantha has always been the “street smart” type from Boston, so the prospect of going to college was daunting, but she really wanted those answers to her questions.  She definitely struggled more than the average person, but Samantha’s work ethic and perseverance are anything but “average.”  She sucked it up, saw it through and became a proud and licensed massage therapist.

Today, she enjoys working with muscles in any phase of care—prophylactic, strengthening, stretching, or rehab.  Techniques that Samantha excels in are Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, instrument assisted mobilization, myofascial release, active release and trigger point therapy.  She is also at the ready for all questions concerning nutrition, essential and CBD oils and meditation.