Sciatica Treatment Questions and Answers

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Sciatica Treatment Near Me in Lakewood, CA
Sciatica Treatment Near Me in Lakewood, CA

Sciatica refers to pain associated with the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back, through the buttocks and down the legs. There are two sciatic nerves, one on each side of the body. Although pain can be experienced on both sides, sciatica typically only produces symptoms on one side. There are many treatments available for the management of sciatica pain.

What is the best treatment for sciatica?

There are many effective therapies in the treatment of sciatica, including:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Trigger Point Massage
  • Ice or Heat
  • Anti-inflammatory herbs, such as Devil’s Claw
  • Pain Relievers and Muscle Relaxants
  • Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Exercise and Physical Therapy

How do I get my sciatic nerve to stop hurting?

There are many treatments one can implement on their own to combat sciatic pain. Exercise helps strengthen the muscles and gets the blood flowing, which reduces sciatica pain. Stretching is another common method in the treatment of sciatica and can provide quick relief. Hot and cold therapies can help reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, diminishing the pain associated with sciatica. Practicing proper posture can help in the reduction of sciatica by alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve. Over-the-counter pain-relievers such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can provide temporary relief for sciatica and can be used if pain is persistent.

How long will sciatica take to heal?

Acute sciatica can last between one and two weeks and usually resolves on its own in a few weeks. Numbness is commonly experienced for several days to a few weeks after the pain has subsided. Some cases of sciatica are chronic with symptoms that last for months or longer. Symptoms of sciatica may occur episodically throughout the year.

What triggers sciatica?

Common triggers for sciatica include:

Obesity or Overweight — Excess weight puts immense stress on the spine and can cause changes to the spine that trigger sciatica. This trigger is usually manageable with lifestyle and dietary changes.

Occupation — Some jobs can trigger sciatica symptoms, such as ones that require heavy lifting and lots of twisting of the torso. Twisting of the body frequently and harshly can trigger sciatic pain.

Being Sedentary and Sitting All Day — While physical activity may be uncomfortable for people with sciatica, inactivity can actually exacerbate symptoms and trigger flare-ups. Because there is continual pressure being placed on the sciatic nerve without relief, having a sedentary lifestyle is a trait that many sciatica sufferers share.

Sitting with Items in Back Pocket — Frequently sitting with a thick item in your back pocket, like a wallet, can also trigger sciatica. The pressure from the thick item disrupts the natural sitting position and irritates the piriformis muscle, thereby causing sciatic pain.

Shoes with High Heels — High-heeled shoes that do not provide adequate back support, such as those with thin heels, can cause sciatic pain. It is better to wear shoes with thicker, more supportive heels, or wear flatter shoes.

Pregnancy — Many health complications can arise with pregnancy, and thankfully most of them are temporary. Sciatica makes the list of gestational complications, as the extra weight and pressure can put force on the sciatic nerve, causing pain and discomfort.

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