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Sciatica Specialist

Back to Life Integrated Medicine

Integrative Medicine & Chiropractic located in Lakewood, CA

If chronic pain, numbness, or tingling is part of your everyday life, you don’t have to live with discomfort caused by sciatica. At Back to Life Integrated Medicine in Lakewood, Cerritos, Cypress, and Long Beach, California, the team treats sciatica using various holistic approaches to relieve pain, accelerate healing, and restore your quality of life. Schedule an appointment with Back to Life Integrated Medicine over the phone or online today.

Sciatica Q & A

What is sciatica?

Sciatica occurs when you experience problems with your sciatic nerve. The largest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve controls muscles in your legs and is responsible for sensations in your thighs, lower legs, and feet.

What are the symptoms of sciatica?

If you have sciatica, you might experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Radiating pain from your low back down your leg
  • Burning pain
  • Mild or severe pain
  • A feeling of an electric jolt or shock
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Weakness
  • Pain with prolonged sitting
  • Discomfort on just one side of your body

Causes of sciatica include narrowing of your spinal canal, an injury to your pelvis, or a ruptured disc in your spine. 

Sometimes the cause of sciatica isn’t known. The condition might go away on its own over time, but if it doesn’t or the pain is severe, see the Back to Life Integrated Medicine experts for an evaluation. 

What are the risk factors for sciatica?

Sciatica can happen to anybody, but your risk increases with older age, being obese, carrying heavy loads, or prolonged sitting. Having diabetes also boosts your chance of developing sciatica. 

Regular exercise, proper body mechanics, and good posture help prevent sciatica.

How is sciatica diagnosed?

Your doctor asks questions about your symptoms and medical history, and has you complete a series of movements or tests to diagnose sciatica. 

They might use nerve function or imaging tests, such as X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans, to diagnose the cause of sciatica and establish a treatment that matches your personalized needs. 

What is the treatment for sciatica?

Your sciatica treatment plan may include one or more of the following:

Chiropractic adjustments

By adjusting spinal alignment, your provider can relieve pressure on your sciatic nerve to achieve pain and other symptom relief.

Physical therapy

Strengthening and stretching exercises enhance healing, reduce sciatica pain, and prevent future injuries.

Compression therapy

Compression therapy using MyACT®™ PiezoWave2 soundwaves helps diseased tissue heal naturally without medicines or surgery. 

Massage therapy

Massage therapy relieves muscle tension and pressure on your sciatic nerve to alleviate pain and other symptoms of sciatica.

Regenerative medicine

Your Back to Life Integrated Medicine provider may recommend platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections derived from your blood or mesenchymal stem cell injections to accelerate healing and relieve chronic pain. 

Don’t live with sciatica pain when simple, holistic remedies are available at Back to Life Integrated Medicine. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online today.